Save $2,000*

  on your Braces or Clear Aligner treatment at one of our New Jersey offices.

*average cost of tooth alignment treatment is $5,000 – $6,000

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Childsmiles Familysmiles is a one stop Orthodontic and Dental center that provides full adult and pediatric dental care.


One of our experienced orthodontists will apply braces to help position and align your smile.

Custom Invisible Aligners

Clear aligner services are perfect for patients with mild to moderate smile corrections.


Our custom-made retainers help retain aligned smiles and are made for daily use.

General Dentistry

Our dentists are here to care for, inspect and discuss the general health of your mouth.


Our lightening treatments are perfect for those looking to achieve a brighter smile.

Cleaning & Maintainence

Regular teeth cleaning can help maintain good oral hygiene and prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

We work hard to make every office visit at Childsmiles Familysmiles a pleasant and comfortable stay.  Our new hi-tech facilities include comfortable waiting rooms and play areas for children.

Convenient Locations


"When I entered the dental office i was greeted with welcoming smiles from everyone, the hospitality was the best I've ever experienced"

Aubrey Anderson, 2019


"This place is out of my way but worth the trip. They are clean and constantly communicating. I highly recommend this place for the whole family."

GenitVera, 2019


"I love Child Smiles! From the moment you walk in until the moment you walk out you are surrounded by happy and polite staff. Super friendly environment. I recommend this location to anyone looking for a dentist."

Karina Mendez, 2019

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