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Braces safely correct misaligned teeth and/or bite related issues

Our braces are high quality and affordable, they may even be covered in full by your insurance!

Ask us about our $150/month braces special when you call for an appointment!
Braces particularly effective at tackling difficult cases and are recommended for patients struggling with severe crowding, crossbites, and pronounced overbites.

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Childsmiles, Familysmiles braces are affordable for adults and children. Braces are only $150 a month. The total price is $3299. Schedule a braces consultation to evaluate you or your child’s condition.

Orthodontic services include:

  • Invisible (clear) braces
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Retainers
  • Mouthguards

Welcome to ChildSmiles•FamilySmiles

  • Most insurance plans and Medicaid accepted
  • We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • We believe our patients should have fun at the dentist!
  • Pediatric Dentistry and General Dentistry
  • Dental Specialists and Orthodontists
  • Our staff is specially trained to help children and adults feel comfortable in a friendly environment.
  • Complimentary benefit check
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