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Childsmiles Familysmiles has a premier clear aligner service featuring the strongest, most translucent trays on the market. They are appropriate for all patients over the age of 15 seeking to correct mild to moderate conditions, including overcrowding, gaps and misaligned teeth. In addition to their unparalleled strength and clarity, our clear aligners provide a safe teeth straightening experience. Unlike some at-home aligner brands, which don’t bother consulting X-rays or medical history charts, Childsmiles Familysmiles aligners require medical clearance, ensuring a complication free procedure. To properly maintain your aligners, be sure to remove them before eating and drinking to prevent cracks and stains. In addition, gently brush and rinse your aligners twice a day to prevent bacteria buildup. Note that aligners should only be exposed to cold or lukewarm water, as excess heat can cause material to warp and affect the structural integrity of the tray.

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