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Dental Implants are surgical screws placed into the jaw to house replacement teeth. Because of their sturdy construction, Dental implants are less prone to complications than dentures or bridges, which can slip and cause damage to adjacent teeth. Implant procedures are ideal for patients who have a fully developed jaw bone, are non smokers, possess healthy oral tissue, and don’t suffer from complications that will impact bone healing such as diabetes. In addition to being reliable, implants offer a host of benefits, including improved speech, chewing abilities, oral health and especially durability, lasting decades with proper maintenance. To ensure your dental implants remain in working order, it’s crucial to practice good oral hygiene, paying close attention to your implant. Consider purchasing an interdental brush, which can navigate around the surgical screws, preventing bacteria buildup. In addition, be sure to maintain a regular schedule with your dentist and curb bad habits like chewing pen caps, crunching on ice or grinding your teeth.

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