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Outstanding Pediatric Dental Care

At ChildSmiles, the health of your child’s teeth is our highest priority. That is why we provide outstanding pediatric dental care and services. Our staff knows how to make children feel comfortable in a relaxed environment where their comfort comes first. Whether your child is seeing our pediatric specialists for a dental crown, tooth filling, or any another pediatric dentistry services, you can depend on us to provide the trusted dental services your child needs.

Count on ChildSmiles for the highest quality pediatric dental care from pediatrician recommended dentists and dental specialists. We look forward to keeping your child’s smile healthy and strong.

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New Jersey Dental

Our orthodontists provide orthodontic treatment for kids and adults. When braces are needed, we offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces. Our other orthodontic services include retainers and night guards. We offer a free consultation for orthodontic treatment to have the teeth evaluated and discover the best solution for your unique needs.

We have included additional information about our dental practice and our general, pediatric, and orthodontic services. For a complimentary benefits check, answers to your questions, or to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Elizabeth, NJ or our two locations in Newark, NJ, please call the office that is most convenient for you.

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