Make It A Merry Grin-mas with the Childsmiles

Clear Aligner Program

Transform your teeth for just $150/month!*

*total cost of treatment is $3,299

This holiday season, treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving: a flawless smile!

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Childsmiles is a full service dental practice providing general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. We’re deeply committed to providing accessible dental care to ensure you get the assistance you need.


We accept Medicaid, which may cover up to 100% of treatment related costs for certain patients.


We work with a large volume of insurance providers, including Metlife, Empire and Aetna.


We offer CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that allows you to break up large bills and pay for treatment over short or long term installments.


We cater to patients of all ages, allowing your entire family to have treatment at one location!


Our dentists and specialists are here to care for, inspect and discuss the health of your mouth.

Multi-Specialty Care

We offer a robust menu of cosmetic, pediatric and dental services and serve as a one stop shop for all your oral health needs.

What Makes Childsmiles Clear Aligners Different?

Traditional at home aligner services often manufacture trays without consulting patient X-rays or dental records. This can leave patients vulnerable to complications and result in additional medical expenses or a delayed treatment timeline.

Our medical professionals carefully examine and clear each patient before beginning a teeth straightening procedure to ensure a seamless orthodontic experience.

We provide patients with direct access to licensed doctors, allowing them to address any concerns and undergo additional corrective measures on site.

Convenient Locations


“My first appointment there was excellent. Very knowledgeable staff, quick service and very very clean. 10/10 would recommend”

- Amber F.


“Everyone is pleasant and professional. The dentists and staff show genuine concern for your comfort and wellbeing. Thank you”

- Taina C.


“Great people. I've never had a bad experience here. All of the staff are very nice and the equipment is new and taken care of.”

- Patrick W.

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